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Our strategic partner Proxima Ventures is set up in Hangzhou and manages 3 RMB funds and 1 USDfund. Targeting from early to growth stage projects and focusing the major unmet clinical needs, Proxima invests in the fast-growing companies with disruptive innovations in the healthcare industry, in particular in the domains of cardiovascular diseases, ophthalmology, digestive systems, respiratory systems, oncology, interventional therapy, and innovative materials.Commited to building the innovation ecosystem and supporting outstanding entrepreneurs . Proxima has invested in more than 30 domestic and foreign innovative medical device companies and assisted more than 10+ North American entrepreneur teams toestablish and develop business in China.   

Why Join Us

  • Biohub has supported CD Biopharma in many aspects during our initial stage. Not only providing us with the facility,Biohub also assisted us in fund raising, company registration, and core team building. As a professional incubator in the biomedical sector, Biohub understands our needs in drug development , and actively facilitates our communication with industrial park (Suzhou High tech Zone), solving problems  effectively and responding to our various needs during company growth. CD Biopharma sincerely thanks biohub for all kinds of support in the early  stage of company , and is willing to grow together with Biohub

    -Professor Wang Shengdian, founder and chairman of CD Biopharma
  • “Biohub&Proxima's knowledge of China's unmet clinical needs is excelent, and technical knowledge is superb. I am very happy to be part of the JV and look forward to a successful journey. ”

    -PercAssist CEO Gerardo Noriega
  • We have been working with Proxima Ventures since 2020, to bring world class life supporting medical products to the Chinese Market. From day one, the Proxima team acted superbly and exceeded our expectations. They did everything and more of what one could expect from a local partner, including finding an outstanding local team, establishing a manufacturing facility and supporting our regulatory system. They brought in depth insights into clinical needs, while providing significant financial support. It has been a fantastic experience so far, and our great journey continues. Together, we exceeded our goals and keep moving forward at tremendous speed and with excellence, to improve quality of life of severely ill patients in China and beyond. Proxima is by far the best and trustable partner for a foreign team to explore the extraordinary opportunities of the Chinese market.

    -Dr. Tim A.S. Kaufmann, Founder & CEO, Lifeshield Medical
  • Thank you very much proxima in Dynamic Biosystems to give help and support in the course of growing up. Proxima vc as a focus on technology innovation investment professional fund, have very valuable global vision and forward-looking vision, to encourage and support the company around the single-celled industry chain to carry out the single cell capture, analysis, and space, the integration of omics technology and acquisitions, such as the successful acquisition of companies of the world's leading space omics can science and technology first, quickly push company to become the world's single cells leading the whole industry chain service provider. Proxima team understand industry, growing up in the company, provide clear industry development strategic advice for the company, actively participate in the company's core team to build and promote complete strategic financing rounds. We are pleased to also appreciate on the entrepreneurial journey, investors can get proxima such excellent industry support, will become the world's leading Dynamic Biosystems construction together single-celled whole industry chain quality products and service providers.

    -Professor Yang Chaoyong, founder and chairman of the board of directors,Dynamic Biosystems

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