What is the Bio-X incubation program?

BioX acceleration program includes an up-to-180 day’s remote acceleration program and a final Demo day, providing a unique platform for global healthcare entrepreneurs and enterprises to explore market opportunities in China.

Once you are enrolled to this program, we will work with you on a customized approach to enter and expand in China, and connect you with government officials, industry leaders and potential investors, distributors, and etc.

What will you get in Bio-X incubation program?

BioX acceleration program will walk with you through two projects detailed as follows:

(1) up-to-180 days acceleration program:

Location: Remote Interaction

Description: Companies will receive support in various aspects of China market entry from design to execution. You will gain the Chinese market insight from CFDA registration pathway to competitive landscape. More than that, you will access funding opportunities and valuable connections (hospitals, distributors, corporate partners, millions of equity free government grants…).

(2) Final Demo day 

Location:  TBD, China


Around 10 projects will be selected to participate this demo day. We will invite our closed partners in China, including top-tier angel investors, VC, listed companies, to demo day. This will be a great opportunity to gain exposure. 

We are looking for you, if you are...

1.innovative companies or start-ups in bio-medical/healthcare/life 

science technology;

2.and, interested in entering China market;

3.or, eager to develop China market. 

WHAT's BioX Program

A 180 days acceleration program with a final Demo Day.?

WHY do we start BioX?

To better help innovative bio-medical tech company accelerating their 

market-entry into China market.


APPLY FOR BioX Program Now!

The BioX Program provides startups a strong value and insight. And the application is officially open from now and you are warmly welcome to fill in the application form.

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What is the med-x startup plan?

Considering the important role of clinicians in promoting the medtech innovation, Biohub initiated Med-X Incubation program which is first of its kind in China and well- tailored for domestic clinical experts who are interested in innovation and entrepreneurship. The program offers Clinicians a one-stop vertical incubation platform to help translate their innovation from bench to bed.

Clinicians entrepreneurship cases

Biosis Biotech

More information:  http://www.biosishealing.com

Biosis Biotech focuses on providing comprehensive regenerative repairing solutions for surgical operation, and currently has two technology platforms: SIS biomaterials and multi-arm PEG materials. To address clinical needs, Biosis Biotech has developed a series of innovative biomaterial products and supporting surgical solutions for anorectal, stomach, chest, heart, lung, neurology, and facial features. 

Nano Ablation Biotech

More information:  http://www.hzruidikeji.com

Hangzhou Nano Ablation Biotech is committed to building an innovative ablation platform based on bioelectric technology. The company has developed an internationally leading next-generation pulse ablation technology, nanosecond wave ablation, which can achieve local accurate ablation, break through into forbidden area that traditional ablation technology can not, and is expected to create strong immune response which can address traditional tumor surgical problems of tumor recurrence and metastasis. At present, Hangzhou Nano Ablation Biotech is about to complete the world's first registered clinical trial for nanosecond wave tumor ablation. The company has a pipeline of products targeting liver cancer, pancreatic cancer, and cardiac ablation.

Tongee Medtech

More information:  http://www.tangjimed.com

Based on the research of gastrointestinal motility, Tongee Medtech focuses on the minimally invasive and innovative surgical treatment of metabolic diseases such as obesity, diabetes, and non-alcoholic steatohepatitis. The company's first product, the gastric bypass stent system, has the characteristics of non-invasive, simple structure, and convenient operation. It can be released in 5-10 minutes under an ordinary endoscope. The product has now completed the NMPA registration clinical trial patient enrollment

Vickor Medtech

Vickor Medtech focuses on innovative minimally invasive interventional devices for structural heart disease and heart failure. The current products include atrial shunts for heart failure, PFO for unknown stroke, and regurgitation valves. The atrial shunt product has completed FIM study and is conducting registrational clinical trials in multiple centers. PFO for the treatment of unexplained stroke has completed the registration of all clinical patients.

Med-X Incubation program services

1、Entrepreneurship consulting, market research, 

      and product evaluation

2、Company registration, project landing, and 

      management team building 

3、Office space 

4、Investment and financing services 

5、Policy analysis and declaration 

6、Marketing promotion


Join Med-X Incubation program

Biohub welcomes all clinical experts with entrepreneurship spirit to join our Med-X Incubation program. Please fill in the form of application if interested.

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